Laminate Flooring SILVER EPE UNDERLAYMENT/Underpad with Vapor Barrier 2mm Thick 200 sq.ft per Roll



  • Coverage: 200 sq.ft. per roll
  • Includes moisture barrier. Mold and mildew resistant / Non allergenic
  • Sound absorption
  • Attached sticky tape for easy installation
  • sliver EPE underlayment providing good sound reduction, this affordable flooring underlayment has a built in lip and tape feature for easy installation. PE foam with silver film provides a vapor barrier for moisture protection and preventing mold and mildew buildup. This Unique underlayment is suitable for underfloor heating.
    • Vapor barrier and thermal insulation
    • Suitable for underfloor heating
    • Self leveling and easy to install with attached overlapping lip and tape
    • STC rating: 44 dB, IIC rating: 48 dB