Flooring Maintenance

Maintenance Guidelines
Vacuum the floor frequently to eliminate the presence of solid particles (such as sand) which may
damage or scratch the floor. (Caution: Only use vacuums especially made for hardwood floor. The
vacuum should be in good condition thus no damage will be made to the floor finish). Swiftly wipe the surface of the floor with the mop using a to and fro motion across the length of the
floorboards. Use non-wax flooring cleaner to keep the floor in good condition. Caution: The use of
ammonia is not recommended as it can discolor hardwood floor also it is very harsh on finishes; Use of
vinegar is not recommended. It is an acid that can etch the finish and create a dull look; Use of any oil
soap product is not recommended as it usually leaves a residue that can be sticky and difficult to remove
as well as attracting dirt; The use of silicon products and wax is not recommended. Rugs or mats at all entrances is recommended. Make sure it gets on the floor before removal of dirt and
grit. Shake out and wash rugs and mats regularly is necessary. Routine maintenance would include not only sweeping, but vacuuming and dust mopping. Caution: Do
not use a treated dust mop (Mop treated with silicone, wax or other treatments may damage your wood
floor finish). Never use a wet mop on your hardwood floor as excess water could harm the floor and
cause premature wear. Wet mopping will void your warranty. Use of felt protectors under furniture is recommended. When moving heavy furniture (fridges, pianos, etc.), please place a thick rug underneath thus less damage would made to your floor.

Do not wear shoes at home. Shoes can be very harmful to your floor because of the little pebbles can in
them and scratch the floor. And when the weather is bad, you may bring water and sometimes salt to
home thus damage the floor. Although manufacturers’ finish delays and reduces most of the sun shading phenomenon that causes
hardwood to darken and or lighten over time, your floor needs to be protected from sunlight and intense
artificial lighting to reduce discoloration of exposed wood. This phenomenon with hardwood surfaces is
normal and natural. Because hardwood floor shrink and expand with changes in humidity, some control of interior humidity
should be in place to minimize the changes. This is part of hardwood floor maintenance. Preferred environmental conditions:  Average temperature: 68F to 72F  Average relative humidity: 40% – 50%
Lightly spray the cleaner ‘BONA’ on a five square foot section of the floor. Never pour liquid directly onto the floor. ( https://ca.bona.com/home.html )